4 Scenes – Dance Film

Part II, the “conflict” part, so-called “Dogs”, shows what will happen if you decide not to obey, and allow yourself to be who you are with the whole palette of emotions, courage to look straight into the eyes. If you stop being comfortable and take responsibility for your life.

“4 scenes” is a performance and life at the same time. It is four different but connected situations happening on the character’s way to the real self.

Director: Olga Rabetskaya
Cinematographer: Nikolay Laydra
Choreography: Olga Rabetskaya and dancers
Music: Ran Bagno
Performance: Andrey Dmitriev, Irina Shirokaya, Pavel Luntsevich, Dmitry Bezzubenko, Nikolay Dmitrov, Olga Rabetskaya