4 Scenes – Dance Project

4 scenes – 4 separate episodes, each having own theme, own energy, feelings and body language. At the same time, they are connected in one piece through the hero. The Hero goes from one setup to another, makes decisions, feels and lives through, adjusts or not and moves forward. He is always alone, and there are people around him. This journey has no beginning and no end. Episode has no beginning and no end. The journey is the only thing that matters. I imagine a game, where you select a hero profile and the period: specific year. And we are in this year full of events and internal conflicts.

Video is used as a part of performance.

  • Choreography: Olga Rabetskaya and dancers
  • Dancers: Andrey Dmitriev, Irina Shirokaya, Kiryl Baltrukou, Julia Asmalovskaya, Olga Rabetskaya, Pavel Luntsevich
  • Video: Nikolay Laydra, Olga Rabetskaya
  • Music: Ran Bagno

The piece was first performed during 21st Olga Sawicka International Dance Festival in Ladek-Zdroj (Poland) in July, 2019.

Shortened version of the piece for two dancers was presented during ConnectLab Festival in Brussels (Belgium) in June, 2019.