4 scenes

A performance and life at the same time. It is four different but connected situations happening on the character’s way to finding its identity and true self. This is a very personal story inspired by my life experience consisting of 4 different parts each having its own theme and energy, sensations and body qualities.

One part talks about the system, which presses and punishes for any initiative and puts people back in their places. Another part shows what happens if you decide to not obey and allow yourself to be who you are. The third part drops you into the silence which comes after the emotional explosion. The last tells the story of partnership, of two “whales” swimming nearby each other. Together they feel as good as they do apart. They need each other, but there is no fear of being alone.

Choreography: Olga Rabetskaya and dancers

2022 Cast: Mio Ishikawa, Kevin Pajarillaga, Brandon Woods, Rachel Heinkel, Olga Rabetskaya

Music: Ran Bagno

Duration: 35 minutes
Full video available upon request.